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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Israel Delapan Keajaiban Dunia

Eight miracle of Israel

In the past, we know there are seven items that are agreed upon as a miracle Seven World. Ka'bah, Pisa Tower, Spinks, Borobudur, Piramida, Eiffle Tower and the Liberty Statue. Seventh objects that are eligible to be admired not only because of its natural beauty, but also because of the complexity and accuracy in the building. Telitinya so complicated and even some parts of the object is not considered common or "not possible".

How much as Borobudur temple made only with the pile of stone bongkahan formed in such a way, without any perekatnya. How to raise and lay the stone stupa at the top of the temple while the large size and weight, and when dibangunnya, no tractor and crane. How Pisa tower is still standing with the whole slope of the suspected growing of one degree every 10 years. How Piramida also made. Until now has not been found science and civil architecture. All buildings are assessed as seven wonders of the world.

Wonders of the world

Then said the magic is due to the complexity and keunikkannya a very extreme. Awe man terhadapnya to approach a situation nearly miraculous. Magic comes from the Arabic vocabulary 'which means ajaba wonder, surprise. From the word 'Go down this ajaba word-look amazed with the full sense of wonder, and' ujub surprise with the situation and the excess themselves. Aja-ib-Arabic dictionary in Indonesia essay Mahmud Yunus the 255 chapters' Ain-line to 13, with a sense that something surprising. And the seventh item of the world was very surprising. So, what is surprising, actually can be called miraculous. If you simply magical street, of course, also keajaibannya street level. Well, if that is the world wonders, meaning able to surprise the world community, then can be said as a miracle of the world, anything that.

Amrozi, Sumanto and Bush are actually eligible if referred to as the miracle of the world. For Australia and the United States, Amrozi is the miracle of the world. Australia and the United States during this hard-working Muslim mengutuki country to search for terrorists, found that the simplicity of a young man in the village of Tenggulun, have the ability to set up explosives from the high explosive material is. Pencitraan terrorism action on Amrozi's very surprising, even scandalize. On this aspect of Amrozi and his friends is a miracle for the people of the world anti-terror. Sumanto in aspects of psychology is a miracle itself. How a young man because the poor and poverty, dare penetrate terror Jasad cooking with the dead man, to be a side dish to eat.

And, the most remarkable men of the leaders of the world is George Walker Bush, which is held by the people to lead the country for two adidaya single period. During the eight years of that, Bush showed himself keajaibannya that will not be overlooked by the history of humanity throughout the period, namely kegilaannya against the war. During this time, America is the enemy bebuyutan have known for several decades, namely Russia and Timurnya block. This world be like two by the flow of western and eastern front in a cold war. The race to make weapons of mass destruction is a current event that they chose to realize the cold war. But really, the cold war between the two countries adidaya it does not create damage separah what Bush would do in the absence of potential enemies. No wonder the world feels, ta'jub to him, unfortunately, that does not have to be registered as mengusulkannya one candidate wonders of the world.

Israel the eighth

After the miracle Eiffle, Pisa, Borobudur and Piramida, Israel also has a number of things that are incredible. As a sovereign country, developed, modern, and strong Israel is in the central concern of the world. Nearby, there is the land of Palestine of the Prophet, which is currently in weak condition and broken pieces. Hamas and Fatah, which is known as a doubles pair gerilyawan most, should be readily broken to each other and weaken. In principle norm franca of the modern world developed, should have no more room for the flow of primitive war and the hobby of murder.

When the human community incentive socialize modern humanism, few countries are worried promoting genocide is undisguised. Bush is adidaya that, with the full spirit keberingasan stunning, appears to have not satisfied meluluhlantahkan Iraq and Afghanistan. Not only that, he owns and maintains miniaturnya (Israel) with very carefully. Bush continues to train for Israel can still bark in the era of strong global peace, and continue to train the ability to attack and pick the meat man at the time of saying that this is modern.

The result is a stunning monument, which keajaibannya can only ditandingi by Eiffle, Pisa and Piramida. No human logic modern era now that you can understand how the human communities that live in a small enclosure called Israel, could still have a primitive ability that terrible. How the spirit of being shaped keberingasan man, so can man-eater in the membunuhi neighbors in the weak and oppressed throughout the period, diembargo already more than two years, so that fuel and electricity is not there. Even the International assistance can dibloknya with the wishes, so that the world's other neighbors can not help hunger in the area of Gaza. How airplanes combat sophisticated and modern, that can only raungannya overthrow humanity, operated with a maximum potential ability, only to attack a group of human children, women and elderly, who pasrah only able to take refuge in the building which they call the building home , even with only a hoe just can dirobohkan.

How they can proud of the victory telaknya who has killed over three hundred people in two days of attacks tremendous. What pride can straighten this primitive in the modern era that is humanistic, where terrorism be pursued and exhausted be liquidated. How all this can be understood in addition to the feelings ketakjuban no equal. This is not a miracle of the most incredible.

Eiffle Piramida and only to bring the ketakjuban frozen, but the ketakjuban that Israel continue to grow and ask the victim lives. With all the benefits that Israel even feasible ranks first as the most bizarre objects in the world. Only a few people need to make the team will submit the most bizarre objects in this modern world, for Israel can be submitted to the Seven Wonders in the World Commission in Lisbon. If it can be registered later, perhaps the commission should be changed its name to The Eight Wonders In The World Commission, in order to accommodate Israel as the object of Eight most remarkable miracle World.