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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kejahatan Oleh Warga Lanjut Usia Di Jepang

Crimes By The Seniors In Japan

A report the Japanese government has not revealed this long, crime by elderly men (elderly) in the country sunrise that rose to record high, due to various reasons such as financial worries, lonely and difficulties in managing a sick relative. Japan record one of the lowest crime figures in the world, but the increasing number of crimes that made the elderly.

In the last year, 48,605 elderly people arrested or to be decreased due to a variety of crime other than violation lalulintas, up fourfold from sedekade back and record the highest number-comparable record began in 1986, said ministry judiciary.


The number of Japanese aged 65 years and over is estimated to rise to double in two decades, but the crime by the elderly is now with the rise far more quickly. The senior citizens registered 13 percent of the perpetrators of crimes in 2007, up sharply from only 2 percent in 1988. During the same period the percentage of the elderly population is almost double the 21 percent so. Meanwhile, the total number of crimes recorded during the same period, not including traffic violations, down 8 percent.

Almost duapertiga of crime by the elderly years ago is a case of theft, but the proportion of elderly people increased by 40 percent in the last two decades. Many elderly people are arrested for the first time in their lives suddenly turned to crime because of various reasons.


Elderly residents who never be in jail in the past showed a tendency to do evil because of economic worries and encouragement apathetic attitude in life. A study on 50 cases of murder by elderly residents showed relatives of the victim is a violation of the law in 28 cases. In the case of nine women lawbreaker, the victim is a relative. Various reasons are often the background so the murder of relatives is "pessimism over their future" and "kelitakan" in managing them.