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Friday, January 23, 2009

History of the Holy Land (part I)

History of the Holy Land (part I)

Efforts to realize peace in the region that is now known as Palestine is a long journey and a holiday. He was not only hard work, perseverance, and a willingness to talk to each other. He also request the lives of many victims. Each party bertikai groups have hard-line group that is ready to leave the peace effort. They not only kill the enemy, but also friends who are considered too weak. Indeed, it is an irony that the holy religion of the world is a place on the land so easily blood flows. Here is a history konfilk the holy land.

Around 630 Year Since

Palestinians, in a region known as the Gospel of Canaan, dominated by Arab nations. Areas that, in the modern map, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea in the West, Jordan River and Dead Sea in the east, Mount Herman, and Syria-Lebanon border in the north, and the Sinai Peninsula in the South. Areas that have a place in the world's most historic. He is the origin of Christianity and Jews. He is also seen as a holy place of Muslims.

1517 - 1918

Palestinian territory is under the authority of the Kingdom of Ottoman Turkey.


The first migration of European Jews, Palestinians, due to the oppression of the Jews in Eastern Europe. At that time, was born Zionisme movement that aims to make the Palestinians as a sovereign state for the Jews. Migration of the first group of about 25 thousand people. At 1914, the number of Jews in Palestine to reach about 85 thousand from 700 thousand population of Palestine (At that time).

1914 - 1918

In World War II, Turkish side to Germany and Austria-Hungary against the associate. To grasp the influence of the Jews, making the UK Balfour Declaration (1917), which provides support for the establishment of "national home" for the Jews in Palestine, without the rights of non-Jewish nations in that region.


After the partners win the war, Ottoman Kingdom is divided into regions mandate. Palestinian blood to be British mandate. Arab nations rejected the Balfour Declaration and the pemandatan. When naziisme born in Europe and the Jews are chase each other, wave to the Palestinian refugees increased. Support terhadpa state of Israel any more knowledgeable.

1936 - 1939

Palestinian-Arab rebellion against the authority of the United Kingdom. Zoning proposal to the Palestinians in the Arab region and the Jews rejected.


England restrict Jewish settlement in Palestine and to end the migration of all the Jews.

1939 - 1945

During World War II, Arab and Jewish Palestinians stop the resistance against the UK. At the World War II, about 6 million European Jews murdered Nazi.


English mengimbau of the United Nations (UN) to handle the Palestinian issue. Recommendations to the UN Special divide Palestinian territory into Arab countries and the Jewish state. Jerusalem, holy city of religion, under the supervision of the International. It accepted the decision but declined Jewish Arab parties.


In May, Jewish residents proclaim the state of Israel. British troops leave. Israel and involved the war against Arab countries that are. That a new war ended in October 1949. Around 700 Palestinians, thousands of people flee. Israel menganeksasi a very wide area. Jordan and Egypt respectively stand in line edges and West Jerusalem Gaza.Kota two. The western region of Israel, while Jordan, the East region.


In July, Egypt Terusan nationalize Suez, the short voyage to the far East. England and France tried to retake canal with the help of Israel. In October, Israel menginvasi Sinai Peninsula. England and France occupied the canal. In November, the two countries that back pressure on the United States (U.S.).

June 5, 1967

Through the attack, which was then known as the Six Day War, Israel successfully seize Gaza Strip from Egypt. Highest Golan plateau from Syria, and the edges West and East Jerusalem from Jordan. The success of these areas to make two of Israel.

September 5, 1972

Gerilyawan Palestinian shot dead 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, Germany, in a raid, which was then referred to as "Black September".

6 October 1973

Egypt and Syria attacked Israel in the Sinai force, and The Highest Golan in the Jewish fast day, Yom Kippur.

4 July 1976

Israel army command successfully deliver 98 passenger aircraft piracy Jews in Air France Airbus by Gerilyawan Palestinians in Entebbe, Uganda.


Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in the parliament of Israel recognizes the right to life of Israel.

March-June 1978

Israel menginvasi South Lebanon and then to stand in the path litany Guan South River north of the border to keep the land.

September 1978

Egypt, Israel and the U.S. signed the Agreement Camp David.Israel restore Sinai Peninsula to Egypt with the reply of peace and normalization relations.

June 6, 1982

Israel again menginvasi Lebanon to drive Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) under Yasser Arafat.

September 16, 1982

Christian militia allied with Israel killed two Palestinians, thousands of unarmed people in the refugee camps Sabra and Shatila after the PLO was forced out combatants Lebanon by Israeli troops.

1983 - 1985

Israel Lebanon back from the region, except from the area pertahanannya zone in the Southern Lebanon.

December 9, 1987

Nation Palestinian intifada started movement (lift the weapons) against Israel in the West edges and Gaza Strip. Demonstrationist young Palestinian stone Israeli troops with stones and then with a volley shot dibalas, arrest and deportation. More than 20 thousand people dead or injured.

December 14, 1988
Yasser Arafat condemns all forms of terrorism and recognize the state of Israel. U.S. president, Ronald Reagan, to open dialogue with the PLO, although Israel still shows hostile attitude.

January 1993

Discussion secret Israeli-Palestinian Oslo in starts.

July 25, 1993

After 7 soldiers killed in Israel South Lebanon, the Israeli revenge operations. For the first time since 1982, Israel attacked the troops using heavy artillery and aircraft. Around 300 thousand people of Lebanon to evacuate the north.

September 13, 1993

Yasser Arafat and Prime Minister (PM) of Israel Yitzhak Rabin signed the Declaration of Principles in Washington based on the results of talks in Oslo (known as the Oslo agreement). Israel recognizes the PLO and to give limited autonomy. As a return, PLO promises peace and end the claims against the territory of Israel.

February 25, 1994

A Jewish militant slaughter of 29 Palestinians who are currently worship in a mosque in Hebron.

4 May 1994

Israel and the PLO reached an agreement in Cairo Egypt, the first step on the implementation of the Oslo Agreement. Israel army back from the 60 percent of the Gaza Strip and Jericho in the area of the city edges West.

July 1, 1994

After 12 years leading the PLO's Tunis, Yasser Arafat returned to Gaza to take new position as Head of Palestinian Authority.

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